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The Nevada Rural Water Association is a nonprofit membership organization providing water and wastewater technical assistance, and watershed protection coordination programs statewide. We reach out to offer an extensive training calendar that includes practical, hands-on training, individual instruction and mentoring, and classroom and board room training. In addition to our annual training conferences, training is offered by request at your location and on your schedule. Here are just a few examples of assistance and training we are ready to deliver:


•  Using GIS for mapping and utility management

•  Water and Wastewater Training / Certification Preparation

•  Rate Setting Assistance

•  Community Based Watershed Protection Planning

•  Household Income Surveys

•  Training for Board Members (multiple subjects)

•  Understanding your system and its components

•  Water and Wastewater Regulations Compliance

•  Long-Range Capital Improvement Planning

•  Water Conservation Plans

•  Maintenance Management Programs

•  Operation and Maintenance Manuals

•  Implementing Your Cross-Connection Control Program

•  Public Outreach and Education

•  Quickbooks, Excel and Office Procedures




A Complete Discussion about Concrete and Steel Tanks


This 3 hour presentation will address maintenance strategies to ensure a long life for steel and concrete tanks. The presentation will provide options to retrofit, rehabilitate and repair concrete and steel tanks (both welded and bolted) for the water and wastewater industry. Next we will discuss options to improve water quality inside steel or concrete tanks by using baffle walls or mixing systems. We will then complete the presentation with a discussion about steel tanks and how to improve the longevity of coatings and ways to greatly eliminate corrosion above the water lines.

Students will learn how to extend the life of older steel and concrete tanks through proper maintenance and options to retrofit, rehabilitate and repair concrete and steel tanks to meet new seismic codes. We will also discuss ways to improve water quality inside the tanks and to reduce corrosion in steel tanks.



December 8, 2017
9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

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