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2019 Membership Renewal


Up to three discounted conference registrations.  For example, the non-member rate for conference registration cost is two times that of the member rate.  This means that membership can rapidly pay for itself.


NvRWA provides water / wastewater specialists, managers, board members and office staff with formal classroom education or hands-on training upon request.  We conduct trainings throughout the year on compliance, operational, financial and managerial topics, at your location.  We host an annual conference held in northern Nevada in March.  Most of the conference sessions are approved through NDEP-BSDW for your license renewal needs.  Along with training, our conferences provide valuable networking opportunities with other systems and equipment and services vendors.

On-Site Technical Assistance

NvRWA provides free on-site technical assistance to water and wastewater systems in Nevada.  Whether you need help with water loss calculation, leak detection, pipe and valve location or operational matters such as water treatment or analysis, our staff works directly with you to identify needs, and then provides assistance while improving system capabilities.   Our specialists can keep you up-to-date with ways to integrate GIS and asset management, using the most recent means of entering and accessing your own data.  We can also assist with various reports/compliance needs and can be your guide through water rates development, loan and grant applications, board communications, and other managerial tasks.

Source Water Protection

Our team-building approach results in development of community supported source water protection  plans at the watershed  level.   Please contact us about protecting your water sources now so that future contamination and costly cleanup can be avoided.

Water Logged

Membership includes a subscription to our quarterly publication, Water Logged.  The magazine includes current information on water and wastewater related issues, training, equipment and services.



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