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For $19.99 choose ONE DVD from this Set of 33 New, Sealed Waterworks Construction Training & Installation DVDs. The price for a complete set is 25% OFF – $495.00!  Shipping is included in the price. These are VERY well made and were locally produced. Information in each video includes Safety, OD Chart, Pipe Handling & Equipment, Introduction to Joints, Introduction to Fittings and  3D Animation Procedure Review for the specific lesson. At one time these DVDs were approved by some entities in Nevada, the  State of California and I believe Arizona for training hours. I believe they are accredited in Nevada. VERY informative. DVD Run Times are approximately 18-28 minutes. Use for your company’s safety or new employee training! Perfect for engineers, construction workers, or water agencies.


I AM authorized to sell these by Tom Reviglio. Please contact Julia Hornsby at 775-771-2094 or

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Please note certain numbers are missing as they were not produced.

Choose from the 33 DVDs as listed below:

        1. Field Cutting PVC C-900

2. PVC C-900 Gasketed Joint Installation

3. Push-On Fitting Installation for PVC Pipe

4. Mechanical Joint Installation for PVC Pipe

5. Field Cutting Ductile Iron Pipe

6. Tyton Joint Ductile Iron Pipe Installation

7. Push-On Fitting Installation for Ductile Iron Pipe

8. Mechanical Joint Installation for Ductile Iron Pipe

9. Flanged Fitting Assembly

10. Bolted Coupling Installation

11. Flanged Coupling Adapter Installation

12. None

13. None

14. Stainless Steel Service Saddle Installation

15. Bronze Service Saddle Installation

16. Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeve Installation

17. None

18. Restrainer Installation for PVC Pressure Fittings & PVC Pipe

19. Bell Joint Restrainers Installation

20. Wedge Style Mechanical Joint Installation

21. GripRing Mechanical Joint Restrainer Installation

22. Ductile Iron Retainer Installation

23. PVC Restrainer For Ductile Iron Push-On Fitting Installation

24. Field Lok 350 Gasket Installation

25. Field Flange Ductile Iron Flange Adapter Installation

26. Flared Fitting Installation

27. Pack Joint Fitting Installation

28. Grip Joint Fitting Installation

29. Insta-Tite Fitting Installation

30. 110 Compression Connection Fitting Installation

31. Field Cutting SDR35 Sewer Pipe

32. SDR35 Gasketed Joint Installation

33. Gasketed Sewer Fitting Installation

34. Solvent Weld Sewer Fitting Installation

35. PVC Sewer Saddle Installation

36. Electrical & Communication Solvent Weld Conduit Pipe Installation

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